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Facebook Advertising Did Not Make me Save Money on my Small Business

August 20th, 2013 at 09:25 am

I have read a lot about how Facebook Advertising could save you money especially for small businesses.I have a small business and I tried to start an Ads Campaign on Facebook.
The money I spent was far more than the sells I made.I was at a loss of 80%.
For sure I increased my likes and engagement with people on Facebook but this did not result in direct sells.

Should I continue Donating Money to This Type of NGO

August 20th, 2013 at 06:48 am

Many people including myself see a need to contribute to NGOs as a way of helping others.
However some of us do it blindly without asking ourselves how some of these NGOs are running and how donor money is spent.I have an NGO which is not far from where I live.I have been donating some money although it was not a lot of money I must admit.
Recently I found out that this NGO is misusing cars for personal use and the Director tends to only employ friends or relatives.
It was very convenient for me to donate to an NGO near me as I could also donate my old clothes.
I started asking my self whether we really find out about how an NGO is being running before we donate through it or we just pick one which is near us like me.
I really feel that I would rather make my donations through an NGO which is far from me but managing its organisation more effectively.

Have Some of Us Lost Our Morals

August 20th, 2013 at 06:18 am

One week ago I wanted invited to a farewell party of a son of a friend of mine where we had to come with a contribution of $110 as the son was going to study at Oxford University.
I thought that this was absurd although I know that international students pay a lot of money nearly everywhere for the universities.
My friend should have saved the money or she could have found a way of raising that money in another way instead of forcing guests at the farewell party to come with $110.
I actually did not attend and I will visit my friend after sending off her son to tell her the my true opinion about this process.
Any suggestions of how she will have handled this issue or am I the one who is thinking wrongly.

Save Money on Cleaning Windows

August 15th, 2013 at 07:25 am

These are the methods I use and they work for me.
1. Use old newspapers .It is amazing how it works.Spending zero money.
2.When the windows have marks,I buy lemon scented dish liquid.I add 3 drops to about a gallon of water.Then I use a rag or small towel to dip in the mixture and I clean my windows.I have spent minimum amount of money on lemon scented dish liquid to clean my windows.
I will welcome more tips.

Cheapest Way to Unblock the Sink-Tips by My Auntie

August 15th, 2013 at 07:18 am

I was struggling for a long time with debts and at the same time paying a lot on the maintenance of my house.My Kitchen sink was used to block many times and any time I called the plumber,the service fees was killing me.
One time my auntie told me to use any of these methods:
1.Put the One Shot and could be bought in any supermarket.
2.She told me to ask my husband if I can not undo the u-bend myself.However, she advised me to wear gloves and goggles.
4.She told me that I could also use caustic soda but I should wear long sleeves or rubber gloves.
5.Lastly she told me that I could pour a can of baking soda in plug hole and pour the white vinegar and when the foams start coming I should pour boiling water down the plug.
I have used One Shot and it works wonders for me.I have not tried other methods though.

My Friend is Back on Her Feet Financially

August 14th, 2013 at 10:17 am

The other day my friend came to visit me .She was in a jovial mood unlike how she was three months ago.
I asked her what the good news were .She told me that truth that she has been in a financial crisis since she was retrenched from her formal job but she was not ready to discuss about it by that time.
She told me she decided to take some decisions two months ago and this is what she has done:
1.She has rented her two rooms and she gets $1000
2.She works in restaurant near her home in the evening and she gets $300 a month.
3.She is very good in Mathematics for primary school level and on Saturday morning she tutors 4 children and she gets $400 a month.
4.On Sundays she helps an elderly neighbor and walks her dog for $500 a month.

She told me that this money had helped her a lot to get back to her feet.She even now earns more than she was earning before.I will not mention her name but she does not mind me sharing her story on this platform.
She is now very happy.

My Son Saves Money by cycling to Work

August 14th, 2013 at 09:27 am

My son decided to cycle to work as he resides 20 kms from his work place.His first intention was to exercise as the gym fees near him was very expensive not realizing that he was going to save equivalent of $200 per month on gas or petrol.
In the end he saves on the gym fees and on petrol.

Cheapest Way I Used to whiten my teeth

August 13th, 2013 at 10:00 am

There is a time when my teeth got very brown as I was drinking a lot of coffee.
I visited a dentist and he gave me a quotation which blew my hair off.
I decided to go to a Natural Health Medicine Shop to ask how I could whiten my teeth naturally.I really did not have money not even a half of the quotation the dentist gave me.
I was lucky to ask a lady in this store who has actually tried these methods.I tried all of them once and I really got good results.
These are the tips:
1.She sold me activated charcoal in powder and told me to use it for brushing with my tooth brush.You can also get it in capsule form.It can also be bought online.
2.She also advised me to peel an orange and use the inside part to rub on my teeth.
3.She also advised me to use baking soda mixed with coconut oil.Some people, understand ,mixes baking soda with any toothpaste.
4.She also told me to eat apples more often.
5.I was always brushing my teeth twice a day and that was also her advice.

I applied all of them as they were cheap as compared to the dentist fees.My teeth became whiter and whiter.
I thought that in this economic crisis,this could be an experience to share.Some medical schemes do not pay for dental cosmetics.

I Save Money on Juices

August 12th, 2013 at 06:57 am

Five years ago I realized that I spend a lot of money on juices as nearly everyone who comes to my house and the whole of my family like juices.
I started finding out ways to save on juices and this is what I do:
1. Buying juices from manufacturers as it is much cheaper than buying them from supermarkets.
2.Looking for supermarket weekly fliers for juice sales.
3.Buying bottles of juices which have to be diluted to supplement fresh juices.
4.Sometimes I make fresh juices at home.
5.Buying new brands of juices as they tend to be on sale as marketing strategy.
6.My twins like juice cubes. We put them on cube trays and freeze them .They put cubes in the glass and add some water.

Why Should We Save

August 12th, 2013 at 04:24 am

The question of why we should save money was asked in a small community meeting which I attended last week. The chairperson of the session wanted to know our priority number one. As always I want to share my experiences with everyone.
These were the answers from different community members:
1.I save so that I have enough money for my retirement.
2.I save to enjoy holidays when I am still young.
3.I save to enjoy holidays in my old age.
4.I save so that I can save others who are needy.
5.I save to buy a very nice car in two years.
6.I save for emergencies.
7.I save so that even if my pay is late ,I do not borrow money.
8.I save for the rainy day.
9.I save to educate my children.
10.I save to finish paying my house off.
I found it very interesting as different people had different priories why they save

How I Save On My Children Birthday

August 12th, 2013 at 03:55 am

I have friends who spend thousands of dollars on their children birthdays.
I do not have that type of money and I am going to share with you how we enjoy my children birthdays on a minimum budget.
1.I sit with my twin boys and we discuss what we need for the party. From the beginning I tell them that my budget is very limited and we should only spend when we have to.
2.I do not use credit cards and I advise that it is not a good idea at all. I spend a little on my savings.
3.I make their birthday cakes at home plus cup cakes and biscuits.
4.I buy cheap paper cups and plates.
5.Children like their faces painted although it is wise to ask parents first in case of allergies. I have a 19 year old nephew and he does that task.
6.We normally have their party in a park as it is free.
7.I have a sister you is a primary teacher and she organizes different themes for the invited children. She is really very good. You can ask a friend or good neighbor to do it for you for free.
8.A friend helps me to design invitation cards and she also makes some banners for me. If you are good at it it is even better. She prints all from the computer.
9.Children might talk about many friends but I encourage my boys to limit the number as a small party is cheaper. Normally we list those who have invited them first but I am just cautious as friendship of children is very fragile sometimes.

Please if you have more tips, I will be happy to tell me.

Can You Avoid Excess Bank Fees

August 12th, 2013 at 03:05 am

Most of us who have bank accounts have experienced paying for bank fees and many people do not take it as expenditure even in their monthly budgets.
Amount of bank fees depend on different banks. Hence it is important to shop around before you open an account in any country. I experienced this and I realized that bank fees vary a lot although there are also some other factors to consider when one is selecting a bank to open an account.
I am going to mention some common ways in most countries and with different banks which would reduce bank charges. I had to sit with one financial adviser to outline for me some of these tips and I have decided to share them with everyone.
1.Use ATM that is withdrawing from the machine using the same bank otherwise the fees will be very high if you withdraw from ATM of another bank.
2.Do electronic transfers
3.Deposit money by ATM
4.Some banks wave bank fees for people above 55 or 60 if one has certain amount of money on their savings or investment account. Please find out from your bank.
5.Debt orders are cheaper than stop orders as banks get more involved with stop orders than debit orders. With debit order the contract is between you and the beneficiary and with stop orders, the contract is with you and the bank.
6.Use debit card to buy things if you have run out of cash. Do not go to withdraw from ATM.
7.Go to your bank and ask customer service official or the bank manager to advice you according to your type of account how to reduce your bank fees. Please know that it is a great expenditure on your monthly budget
I will welcome any other tips I have not mentioned.

I Visited Uganda to See Gorilla Monkeys on My Savings

August 10th, 2013 at 05:18 am

I was determined to visit Uganda and see gorilla Monkeys.
I saved for two years and I made a trip to Uganda.
Uganda is a beautiful country with friendly people.
Gorilla trekking was interesting and it took us 5 km to see some of them.I went with my husband.
We also visited Kibale National Park where we could see some more species.Actually Kibale National Park has 13 species in total which include chimpanzee,red colobus monkey,black and white colobus,red tailed monkey,bush baby and potto,blue monkey and grey cheeked mangabey.
Our expenditure on our savings was worth it.