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How to Save on Your Dog

July 27th, 2013 at 07:53 am

I love my two dogs very much, Tiger and Bruno. However, after struggling to overcome my debts, I do not want to over spend on anything.
Dogs are part of our families and we should treat them like family members. Some people go to the extent of buying them clothes, buying them expensive toys and sleeping in luxury. If you have that money, you can spend it.
I do not have that money .Hence ,I decided to visit a veterinary doctor who looks after my dogs to give me some tips of how I could reduce the costs on two dogs .I have felt that it is worth sharing these tips with everyone.
The first thing he told me is that dogs just need preventive care, exercises, love and nutritious diet.
In that light, he gave me these tips:
1. Most dogs are fine with grocery dog food. You do not have to go for higher-end bag
2. You do not have to over feed your dogs as it is also not good for their health.
3. Keep your dog healthy by keeping it on its vaccines and medications as it eliminates many diseases which could cause you to go in expenses for treatment.
4. He told me that I should always be free to ask him how to keep my costs low when I bring my dogs for treatment. So please do not hesitate to do the same with your dogs’ veterinary Doctor.
5. Some countries have Health Insurance for dogs. Please take it if available in your country.
6. Take your dog for daily walks
7. Start your dog saving account as a family.
8. Spend more time with your dog and always give him/her caring love. That keeps him happy than expensive toys.
I hope you will find this blog useful.