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My Friend is Back on Her Feet Financially

August 14th, 2013 at 10:17 am

The other day my friend came to visit me .She was in a jovial mood unlike how she was three months ago.
I asked her what the good news were .She told me that truth that she has been in a financial crisis since she was retrenched from her formal job but she was not ready to discuss about it by that time.
She told me she decided to take some decisions two months ago and this is what she has done:
1.She has rented her two rooms and she gets $1000
2.She works in restaurant near her home in the evening and she gets $300 a month.
3.She is very good in Mathematics for primary school level and on Saturday morning she tutors 4 children and she gets $400 a month.
4.On Sundays she helps an elderly neighbor and walks her dog for $500 a month.

She told me that this money had helped her a lot to get back to her feet.She even now earns more than she was earning before.I will not mention her name but she does not mind me sharing her story on this platform.
She is now very happy.

8 Responses to “My Friend is Back on Her Feet Financially”

  1. snafu Says:

    Thank you to friend for sharing her story. How wonderful to be strong and determined. Your friend took a horrid situation and turned it to a benefit for herself, the people she has supplied with accommodations, 4 children who need help learning math skills, a reliable employee needed in the restaurant and a senior who is free of worry for pet and home tasks. She may feel she's benefitted by earning more than before but she has improved the lives of at least 8 other people. Friend took her skills and re-applied them to a changed circumstance. Good on her!

  2. Miz Pat Says:

    This is very good to hear. $500 a month to walk pets - omg.

  3. Debtsa Says:

    I am so inspired after reading this. Plenty of people struggle so harshly and just can not get out of the whirlpool. And to then also have such a wonderful effect on other people. Really inspiring.

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    My friend is doing great and it seems to me that I will do the same. My congratulations.

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