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I Save Money on Juices

August 12th, 2013 at 06:57 am

Five years ago I realized that I spend a lot of money on juices as nearly everyone who comes to my house and the whole of my family like juices.
I started finding out ways to save on juices and this is what I do:
1. Buying juices from manufacturers as it is much cheaper than buying them from supermarkets.
2.Looking for supermarket weekly fliers for juice sales.
3.Buying bottles of juices which have to be diluted to supplement fresh juices.
4.Sometimes I make fresh juices at home.
5.Buying new brands of juices as they tend to be on sale as marketing strategy.
6.My twins like juice cubes. We put them on cube trays and freeze them .They put cubes in the glass and add some water.

4 Responses to “I Save Money on Juices”

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