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Surviving on Very Little Money Made me Healthier

August 9th, 2013 at 02:25 am

There were six months in my life when I survived with very little money but this was the time when I started looking healthier .This is what happened:
1.I planted my own vegetables and herbs and I did not have money to eat meat every day. I was only eating meat once in two weeks. Red meat was more expensive. I could buy chicken. I automatically started losing weight.
2.I started drinking tap water more and I stopped buying wine and freezer drinks as I did not have money. I even started to look younger.
3.I did not have money for gas or petrol for my small car. Hence I could walk to town for my little shopping and I could just walk to visit my few friends in the neighborhood.
4.I did not have money to go to restaurants so I cooked my food at home which was always rich of vegetables. I used to entertain myself by going for picnics where I could even do some walks and I used to pack my vegetable sandwiches.
5.I joined a public library around me to borrow some books, access free internet and borrow some music CDs .This helped to have more walks to town and even meet new people.
6.I started doing repairs for all the things which were torn and this helped my mind to be occupied and also it helped me to improve my sowing skills.
7.I started messaging my friends on my mobile phone instead of phoning them. This helped me to avoid gossips which could sometimes stress me. I was stress free.
8.I started being more active by painting my house, doing gardening, maintaining my yard or compound. This helped me to do more exercises and I even became healthier.
9.I started gaining more confidence in myself as I did not have to compete with anyone. This also helped me to be stress free.
10.This is a period when I realized who my true friends are. I ended up being happier as I was surrounding myself with true friends.
Even when my finances improved I still do most of those things. Money is not everything. You even enjoy the money when you are healthy.

2 Responses to “Surviving on Very Little Money Made me Healthier”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Isn't it great when things that are good for your body are good for your finances too? So true.

  2. hendry Says:

    Most of us have plenty of money and use this money with and without their needs. This article mentioned about surviving on very little money made on healthier. Here mentioned 10 steps how we can live a health condition.photo editing companies near me

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