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Save Money While Enjoying a Glass of Wine

August 9th, 2013 at 07:06 am

Most people enjoy their glass of wine at home or when they are out for a meal.
However ,you could like to enjoy your glass when you have not spent a lot.
These are some of the tips to reduce your cost on wines:
1.When you are two or more,and you are in a restaurant,buying a bottle is much cheaper than glasses. Restaurants make a lot of profit on wine ordered by glass.It is also good to note that many restaurants allow customers to take left overs in the bottle.
2.Buy wine online but compare prices.This will give you a chance to buy wines in other countries.Select stores where shipping is free.
3.If there is a type of wine you like as a family,why not even buy a case.It will be much cheaper.
4.Go for wine tests on wine farms and buy the best you have liked in bulk from them.It is much cheaper.
5.Look for deals or sales especially on new wines.You might be surprised that you might even enjoy new ones on market than the old ones.Supermarkets and stores always have sales on particular wines.
5. House wines always tend to be cheaper everywhere.
6.Buy wine crack so that you could stock your wines as you go buying those on sale.

2 Responses to “Save Money While Enjoying a Glass of Wine”

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