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Saving Money on Wedding Gifts

August 8th, 2013 at 09:44 am

Your love and affection to someone is not reflected on the amount of money you spend on the gift of someone .This is true in all situations e.g. birthdays ,weddings ,wedding anniversaries and so on.
Hence we should always feel free to budget the amount of money we can afford to buy our beloved ones gifts.
These are some of the tips of how to save money on wedding gifts:
1.Budget and save for the wedding gift within two to four months and do not strain your budget to please someone.
2.You can decide on a group gift with common friends or relatives. This also works out cheaper. You can also afford an expensive gift on the wedding registry.
3.There are wedding registries with inexpensive items but you might be the unlucky one to be invited at a wedding with expensive items on the registry. This happened to me once and I could not afford any of those items. I just decided to buy a gift card in one of the shops which were part of the wedding registry. This was a wedding of my friend. You cannot image how the couple was very grateful as they realized that they could buy a table cloth from my gift card. They were not thinking of very expensive things.
4.Think of making something with the skills you have. People appreciate
handmade things. I was given a handmade fruit basket on my wedding and I appreciated it a lot. There are people who are good at knitted table cloths.
5.Think of small gifts which can last long e.g. wine glasses ,candle sticks ,shopping totes ,serving bowls ,kitchen towels ,Music CDs if you know the type of music they like .There is always a need for kitchen items so think around that idea too..
6.You are invited to a wedding shower, bachelor’s party and wedding, buy very small gifts for each occasion. Otherwise you do not have to go to all of them .You can go to all of them but offer your services for what you are good at e.g. catering, organizing the venue, cleaning up etc--.It will be appreciated.
7.There was a time when I was invited to a wedding shower of my friend. We had gone for camping before she got married. We took many pictures. I decided to compile some pictures for her in one of my old albums. She was really appreciative. On the wedding I bought her a cheap gift from the wedding registry .I have a friend of mine who gave me a wedding card she had designed from dry leaves and she put it in grass designed fruit basket. It was great.
8.If you have a relative or friend who is wedding and he or she is very far or abroad, why not load a phone card and talk for about twenty minutes and congratulate him or her. That person will appreciate it a lot.
9.Send a gift even if you might not manage to make it because of transport costs.
10.Offer any service to the wedding arrangement e.g. photographing if you are good at it, flower arrangements or anything which will cut the wedding cost of your friend or relative.

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  1. hendry Says:

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