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10 Ways of Saving on Holidays Abroad

August 5th, 2013 at 05:40 am

One cannot stress the importance of having a holiday especially out of your normal environment and preferably in another country. An advantage of going to another country is learning new things, getting new friends, learning new cultures and relaxing more as you will be very far from everyone.
The biggest challenge is the high cost of overseas trips. Since this article will give you some tips to keep your costs low.
1.Make a budget which should include your transport costs ,accommodation ,catering ,shopping etc-
2.Book your flights as early as possible. The flights are cheaper if you book them early than when you book them late.
3.If you are going to fly internally in your country and in the country you are visiting, book the budget airlines as they are cheaper .However, check in online as they charge high costs when you check in physically.
4.Book for self catering accommodation as they are much cheaper.
5.Make your own travel size toiletries. Get small bottles and fill them with the creams you normally use. This is much cheaper and your creams you normally use might not be in small quantities.
6.If you plan to shop, pack few items so that you leave space. Over weight is very expensive.
7.Be aware of car hire pricey excess insurance.
8.Use credit card to pay for your ticket for extra protection.
9.Compare shops before shopping and avoid impulse shopping
10.Turn off mobile 3G and data roaming as it can be very expensive. It is much cheaper to buy SIM Card in the country you are visiting.

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