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How to Handle a Spender Spouse

July 25th, 2013 at 11:15 pm

The situation of one partner being a spender and not a saver and the other one being a saver and not a spender is very common .I guess the opposites tend to attract each other.
However, this situation brings a lot of misunderstands and in some cases couples could even divorce.
These are some tips to handle a spouse who is a big spender and not a saver.
• Discuss with your partner openly and in a relaxed environment every month about your household income, the basic needs you have to pay for, how much to pay for your debts (if you have debts) and how much you have to save.
• If both of you are getting income, discuss each one’s contribution towards the budget
• Try to do shopping together as per budget and I could recommend the saver to have the responsibility of paying for utility bills as the spender could use this money for other things.
• If you have debts, both of you could be involved when paying them.
• Discuss your long term goals and discuss together how to save towards them. e.g. retirement years ,healthy problems and education of children.
• Every two or three months include some reasonable amount of money depending on your income to spoil yourselves. The saver might not spend his or her money; instead that money might be saved but that it fine.
• Alternatively, set one combined account to pay for the basics and also each individual account for each one to spend on some items independently instead of always being judged on your spending.
• Both the spender and the saver should keep a cool head as there are likely to be accusations and counter accusations and there should not be any finger pointing.
• In your budget discussions focus on the future and not the past.
Lastly communication and regular communication is very important in any relationship .Even if you have spoiled yourself, share it with your spouse

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